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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogCheapest Ecological Wood Plastic Decking
HomeblogCheapest Ecological Wood Plastic Decking

Cheapest Ecological Wood Plastic Decking

Cheapest ecological wood plastic decking has now become a new type of decorative materials, is the ideal replacement of outdoor wood products, it becomes the ideal material in mind, why ?
Wood plastic decking is the use of recycled plastics and waste wood chips or rice bran and other natural fibers as raw materials processing. Unlike other woods, the surface of wood plastic and the other internal material color are similar, surface smooth, without painting, with a variety of colors to choose from,low maintenance and durable , in generally the product life can reach 3 to 4 times the ordinary wood.
In the world are advocating low-carbon and environmental protection , cheapest ecological wood plastic decking products fully meet the mainstream of the international market demand, wpc can be 100% recycling, in the production, use, wpc not produce any industrial waste, Is a real low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green products. According to customer needs, and produce the length and color to meet customer needs, with good moisture moisture, anti-static, uv resistance and other excellent performance.
Cheapest ecological wood plastic decking become an inevitable trend, in building materials, home decoration, industrial products ect , widely applications, have broad prospects for development.

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04 06-2020