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HomeblogCorrosion Proof Wood Plastic Decking
HomeblogCorrosion Proof Wood Plastic Decking

Corrosion Proof Wood Plastic Decking

Corrosion proof wood plastic decking is a kind of basic material with wide coverage, wide variety of products and diversified structure. It embodies the concept of sustainable economy such as circular economy, resource utilization, environmental protection, conservation and substitution. due to the majority of products have a comprehensive utilization of resources and the resulting environmental protection function, to attract the vast number of consumers.
Corrosion proof wood plastic decking derived from renewable resources, is composed of cellulose, lignin and other organic materials composed of a porous composite material, As the industrial materials, the environmental coordination is the best , in the national economy has a very important role. However, wood has the disadvantages of perishable, flammable, vulnerable to insect infestation, low absolute strength, easy to absorb water and absorb moisture and cause large size deformation, which limits the processing and application of wood to a certain extent,
Wood plastic composite decking, not only has the characteristics of wood, but also has anti-corrosion ,moisture and moth-proof characteristics , its application areas more than wood materials, wood plastic composite material excellent corrosion and moisture resistance, It also has a good application in the outdoors, due to both wood plastic water-proof and wood texture of the two properties, therefore wood plastic composite material contains some plastic components, so it can prevent insects, making It can be used as an alternative to the wooden components used in ports, wharfs, etc., and can also be used as an alternative to wood to make various kinds of packing materials, pallets and so on.
Corrosion proof wood plastic decking can weather resistance and uv resistance ,the life more than 20 years , is great option for consumer .

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19 01-2019