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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogFireproof & Waterproof Outdoor Wall Panel
HomeblogFireproof & Waterproof Outdoor Wall Panel

Fireproof & Waterproof Outdoor Wall Panel

Today, most building codes require that when a new house wall is installed wall panels, to meet the fire and water two characteristics. Fire and waterproof outdoor wall panels is a new generation of wall materials, using wpc material. To the greatest extent possible to protect the safety of housing.

Wall panel fire characteristics:

Wall panel fire is a more important performance, the traditional wooden wall panels in the event of a fire source on the instant light, a little security at all. The emergence of the firewall board, the fire can be very good to avoid the possibility of being expanded. Easy to solve security problems.

Waterproof properties of wall panels:

In rainy or wet areas, it may be unwise to choose a wood panel. As time changes, the wood will gradually decay. Waterproof wallboard, the good to avoid this problem. Because the use of wpc material, has good waterproof performance, high-quality, low price. Is the reason customers choose waterproof and fireproof wall panel.
Wood wall panels have been replaced by waterproof fireproof outdoor wall panels, with excellent performance, low prices favored by many customers. With the advocacy of various countries on the protection of the environment, the protection of resources, wpc wall panels have become an excellent product. Want to know more of our products, give us a message, or online consultation, to give you a satisfactory answer.

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17 01-2019