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HomeblogGarden wood-plastic fence
HomeblogGarden wood-plastic fence

Garden wood-plastic fence

Wood-plastic fence is a modern garden can be seen everywhere in the wood-plastic fence components and decoration, around the platform, both on the side of the staircase, between the pillars and pavilions, Shuige, pool, bridges, etc. Often wood-plastic fence settings. Garden wood-plastic fence is usually a security protection and other effects, many forms, some very decorative.
The form and the actual situation of the garden wood-plastic fence are closely related to the environment and the requirements of the group. The water should be more wood-plastic fence to avoid line of sight by too many obstacles in order to watch the reflection of light, fish and aquatic plants and other fish. High-profile multi-building wooden fence, visitors boarding overlooking, it can be a greater sense of security.

In the design and construction of garden wood plastic rails, we should note the following two points:

First, the standard wood-plastic barrier control. In particular, wood-plastic fence in the small garden space and the relationship between the set King is more closely in the design can not be taken lightly.
Second, in a small space in the garden if accompanied by appropriate small-scale wood-plastic fence, wood-plastic fence through the role of contrast can make people feel the space suddenly wide, although the fighting room, no cramped feeling.

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07 05-2020