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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogLightweight WPC bench
HomeblogLightweight WPC bench

Lightweight WPC bench

Lightweight WPC bench

Lightweight WPC bench manufacturing process

Lightweight WPC bench with PE PVC PP PS plus wood flour for mixing, the powder into the wood-plastic extrusion equipment, heating and molding, processing into the size of the chair. Lightweight WPC bench waterproof, moisture-proof, no cracking, no expansion, no distortion. Retardant, resistance from the fire self-extinguishing, does not emit any toxic gases. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging. Multi-color, multi-texture, good finish, strong wood. Free paint, zero methanol, ammonia, benzene and other decorative pollution problems.

Lightweight WPC bench maintenance

General wood is the need to do surface paint or water-based paint treatment. Low – carbon environmental protection, recycling. 100% recycling. No cracking, no expansion, no deformation characteristics without maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save later maintenance and repair costs. Wood in a year which generally need to do maintenance or painting paint. In the long run, lightweight WPC bench maintenance costs are far lower than wood products. WPC is a profile, the length of the material to meet customer needs, all the length of wood is provided for the dead. Durable, save money, use for up to 15 years.
We are a company specializing in R & D and production of wood-plastic products. We not only produce lightweight WPC bench, but also produce WPC flooring, WPC wall panel, PVC fence, etc. We would like to know more about our products. Send the product details table.

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29 01-2019