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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogNo Deformation Watertight WPC Floor
HomeblogNo Deformation Watertight WPC Floor

No Deformation Watertight WPC Floor

Traditional wood has many disadvantages, such as low absolute strength, bad rigidity, easy corrosion, easy to crack, and so on. Its application area have a lot of restrictions, However, with the development of technology, wood flooring has made great progress. no deformation watertight wpc floor (wood plastic composite) overcome wood material all kinds of defects .

No Deformation Watertight WPC Floor Introduce

Environmental protection . Wood-plastic flooring is a high-density fiber composite materials, is not toxic and hazardous chemical composition, preservatives and formaldehyde-free, benzene and other harmful substances released, will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, 100% recycling And re-use, is an excellent environmental performance of WPC.
High user experience. Wood-plastic flooring has the natural appearance and texture of wood, and stability than the size of wood, no cracks, warping, deformation and other issues, wood flooring has a variety of colors,without painting ,wpc floor heat and cold insulation, anti-75 ℃ high temperature — 40 ℃ low temperature .

No Deformation Watertight WPC Floor Advantages

(1) does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemical composition, safe and comfortable.
(2) excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, crack, mildew, anti-moth properties.
(3) thermal insulation, durable, long life, its life is ordinary wood 3 to 10 times.
(4) high density, high strength, will not deformation.
(5) without painting, grinding, easy maintenance, easier to clean.
(6) can be fully recycled.

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18 07-2020