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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogNo Expansion Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel
HomeblogNo Expansion Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel

No Expansion Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel


The use of wpc wall panels:

Wpc wall panel is a new type of outdoor wall decoration panel, rich colors, than the traditional solid wood wall panels easier maintenance, installation more convenient. WPC wall products are widely used in home and outdoor, hotels, villas, leisure clubs, hospitals, schools, railway stations and other places and environmental decoration works.

Wpc wall panels will not change with time and swollen!

Wpc material loss is lower than wood preservative. In the same construction area or volume conditions, wpc wood less than the loss of wood preservative. Because the WPC is a profile, can change with the construction environment changes. The length of the wood preservative is fixed, and can not be shaken!
WPC in the same construction conditions, you can win less. For example, the general outdoor pavement flooring, the choice of wood cases, the need for about 45MM thickness of wood. The wpc, just 25MM thickness of the material, the strength of more than 45MM of wood preservative, that is to say if the use of wood is 1 cubic meter, then the plastic wood on only 0.5 cubic meters.
The use of wpc wall panels to decorate the family facade, from your point of view or from the perspective of the neighbors are perfect. Energy conservation, environmental protection. Real green products. More product information, select the message system, we will give you the first time to send our product information

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14 11-2018