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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogResistance Termite WPC Material
HomeblogResistance Termite WPC Material

Resistance Termite WPC Material

The emergence of plastic wood material is a new breakthrough, this is new material in market ,popular in worldwide , eco friendly, low maintenance ,resistance termite , at present our company sale wpc floor, wall panel, fence,pergola ect .
resistance termite wpc material and products have the dual characteristics of wood and plastic. They have strong wood texture and can be produced in different colors according to customer requirement. They have many characteristics : high mechanical properties, light weight, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance and easy cleaning. , But also to overcome the wood material high water absorption, easy to deformation,cracking and shortcomings.

Resistance Termite WPC Material

1, the use of environmentally friendly technology
Wood / plastic base material and wood materials commonly used additives are environmentally safe, nontoxic, its production process does not produce side effects, so the humans and the environment does not constitute any hazard.
2, cost-oriented
WPC products to achieve a transfer of low-value materials to higher value-added products, not only low maintenance costs, and product life several times in the ordinary natural wood, comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.
3, the recycling of WPC scrap and recycling waste products can be 100% recycled, and will not affect the product performance, can truly achieve “reduction, renewable, resource,” the cycle of economic model.

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10 12-2018