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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogSuper Wear Resistance WPC Flooring
HomeblogSuper Wear Resistance WPC Flooring

Super Wear Resistance WPC Flooring

Currently on the market there are many types of flooring, including wood flooring, bamboo flooring, teak flooring, etc. These floors in the home decoration have wide range of applications, but these floors have a lot of shortcomings,such as crack , fade and rot. The emergence of a new type of flooring on the market today — “super wear resistance wpc flooring” , due to the environmental performance of wpc flooring is widely used in the United States, Australia, Britain, Germany and France, etc., a brief introduction of the floor, as follows:

Super Wear Resistance WPC Flooring Advantages

1, easy to maintenance: wood plastic composite (wpc) flooring is very wear resistant, and dirt compared with traditional wood flooring, you needn’t regular maintenance and painting, for busy work families, wpc flooring is a good options for you.
2, good wear resistance: the surface of the floor wear layer is specially treated, can achieve high hardness, using a sharp hard object on the floor surface scratches, it will not leave marks. The greatest benefit of product is have long product life .
3, high stability, largely overcome the natural wood different defects, small shrinkage swelling rate, excellent balance and stability, the deformation coefficient of only a fraction of solid wood flooring, and retains the natural wood grain of wood flooring .
4, resistant to stains: If there are stains, oil and wine from the surface of the floor, we only need to use a dedicated floor cleaner or water pipe wash it, do not special maintenance.
At last ,super wear resistance wpc flooring made into all kinds of recycle materials , what’s we are profession wpc peoduct manufacturer, supplier and dealer , if you have requirement of wpc , please leave message to us , we will contact with you later .

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02 01-2019