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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Balcony Deck
HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Balcony Deck

Wood Plastic Composite Balcony Deck

The use of wood chips, straw, waste plastics and other material produced a series of wood plastic composite product are gradually entering the decoration, construction and other areas. Wood plastic composite materials have lots of strengths, can replace a lot of wood, can be useful to reduce the shortage of forest resources, Is a highly promising low-carbon, green, recyclable eco wood plastic product .
Wood plastic composite balcony deck get rapid anti-development, because it is in line with today’s society of low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation theme, in the floor decoration session provides a new material. Compared with the traditional floor, not only have quality of certain advantages, but also in the decorative effect is very good, so people will be called wood plastic composite product of the new environmentally friendly energy-saving composite materials.
Wood Plastic Composite Balcony Deck Benefits:
1. Green, lightweight and wear-resistant
2. High elasticity and super impact resistance
3. Super anti-skid, waterproof
4. Fire retardant, high sound-absorbing features
5. Antibacterial properties
Finally , our company is wood plastic composite balcony deck manufacturer, supplier and exporter , if you interest in our product we will supply best offer and product for you, what’s more, we supply free sample with different color .

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17 01-2019