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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogWPC decking material has five characteristics
HomeblogWPC decking material has five characteristics

WPC decking material has five characteristics

WPC decking material

WPC decking material has five characteristics:

1. Raw material resources: WPC decking material its biomass material part mostly are waste utilization, wide variety of sources, low value; plastic components with low requirements, old and new material or mixture can be fully reflects the utilization and effective use of resources.
2. Plasticized products: WPC decking material products for artificial synthetic products overall, randomly adjust the product technology and formulations according to the requirement to produce different properties of materials and shapes, the profiles of nearly 100% utilization rate.
3. Use of environmentally friendly technology: wood / plastic base material and wpc materials commonly used additives are safe and environmentally friendly, nontoxic, its production process does not produce toxic side effects, so the humans and the environment does not constitute any risk register close .
4. Cost economy: the WPC decking material plant material to achieve a low-cost high-value-added products transfer pump, not only low maintenance costs, and product life several times in natural wood, a comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.
5. Recycling: the wpc products and recycling scrap materials, waste recycling can be 100%, and will not affect the product performance, can truly achieve “reduction, renewable, resource,” the cycle to the economy mode.

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21 12-2018