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HomeblogHow should WPC Pergola be maintained?
HomeblogHow should WPC Pergola be maintained?

How should WPC Pergola be maintained?

wpc pergola maintained
There is no iced tea in your WPC Pergola under the party with friends and enjoy the afternoon in a warm summer afternoon. Or you can enjoy sitting in your WPC Pergola and admiring the flowers in your garden. As the leaves begin to discolor and fall off the trees, you know the winter is coming. Of course, you can enjoy it again in the warm weather season. There are some simple maintenance methods that can keep your arbor through the winter intact.

Clean your WPC Pergola

Use a garden hose to spray your pergola. This eliminates the buildup of dirt and dust, either from wood or WPC Pergola. If you have mildew on your wooden pergola, use a mild detergent or mildew cleanser. I strongly recommend that you use a soft brush to avoid scratching the surface of the structure. Second, once the mold has gone away rinsing off the excess detergent. Whether you live in a country that receives a large amount of rain or snow a few feet in the winter, moisture can cause mold growth. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for mildew and clean off before winter comes.

Things to do in the winter

Once winter comes, there are a few things you can do to keep your WPC Pergola status. For example, if you see the snow began to pile up in the rafters of your arbor, sweep it off with a broom. This reduces the weight of the pavilion and does not allow snow to freeze to your rafters. In addition, when the snow began to accumulate your arbor, the scope of cleaning should also be expanded. In short, take advantage of any chance to transfer snow from your WPC Pergola.

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