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HomeknowledgeCommunity garden PVC fence installation
HomeknowledgeCommunity garden PVC fence installation

Community garden PVC fence installation

Community garden PVC fence stressed safe and reliable, durable and have a strong decorative landscaping function, in the structural design, manufacturing, surface treatment, coating performance, style, color and other key aspects of the design efforts, the corresponding complete and Mature solution, PVC fence from the fundamental solution Fence color single, low corrosion resistance, maintenance cumbersome, high cost, environmental pollution, simple structure, function, production of rough, low quality, poor security, the overall rigid abrupt, no decorative effect , Poor image, the taste is not high many defects, PVC fence completely eliminate the barrier has long plagued the city’s image, cultural environment and modern human settlements of various problems.

Community garden PVC fence installation instructions

1. Measure the line so that the guardrail is installed in a straight line. 2. Press the loft hole 3. Into the hole into the expansion screw 4. Post base and expansion screw connection 5. Correction column 6. Cross bar and column connection hole after drilling with screws 7. Cast concrete column fixed. Installation of the lawn guardrail 1. Prepare the block base by the same block. 2. Press the measuring line into the column base. 3. Align the column 4. Punch the column. Column with column cap
Community garden PVC fence in our SEVEN TRUST company is just one of these products, high-quality high-quality reputation by the various countries welcome in Spain, Russia, New Zealand and Malaysia and other countries have agents, if you have any questions, please stay Under the message.

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21 01-2019