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HomeknowledgeEco-friendly garden PVC fence advantages
HomeknowledgeEco-friendly garden PVC fence advantages

Eco-friendly garden PVC fence advantages

Eco-friendly garden PVC fence is the introduction of international green wood can be the cutting-edge technology in the product and the color of the three are added additives and stabilizers, for the prevention of long-term fade due to the situation, specifically on the surface of the product to do A layer of UV treatment, to avoid ultraviolet radiation, can effectively use up to 20 years, a long time in the outdoor use will fade a little bit, but will not affect the visual beauty, it can be said, compared with ecological wood to other building materials Said, is unmatched by other products. Customers do not have to worry about eco-wood and wood-plastic barrier fade problem.
We all know that eco-friendly garden PVC fence more environmentally friendly, suitable for people to use, here to explain to you the advantages of PVC fence, we look at the PVC fence is more suitable for us to use.
1, PVC fence is a renewable material, do not need to do any anti-corrosion treatment.
2, does not require post-installation maintenance, long life, no deformation, no rupture, no corrosion, and other characteristics.
3, PVC fence mechanical properties, and can be widely used for carrying structural materials;
4, PVC fence low cost, can be recycled again.
5, PVC fence strong impact resistance.

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04 11-2018