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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeHow to judge WPC floor quality
HomeknowledgeHow to judge WPC floor quality

How to judge WPC floor quality

How to judge WPC floor quality

How to judge WPC floor quality

First of all, from the surface to see the WPC floor quality, if there is the appearance of the problem of scratches and so do not have to consider, you can direct the product discharged. If the surface has some white fibrous, many people also believe that WPC floor quality reasons, it is not true, this is because the raw materials involved in the fiber material, can make the plate more solid. However, if you join the fiber can not help but delicate, there will be large white spots, then it will affect the appearance.
Second, the impact of WPC floor quality is an important factor in raw materials, raw materials directly related to the useful life of the floor, the detection of raw materials for manufacturers is very important, but for the application of raw materials, then from us The appearance of the product can not see it, it requires professional work to detect, for the two internal use of different raw materials, two pieces of plastic wood panels, their appearance may be little difference, based on the poor use of the piece of plate May be in appearance but better.
Standard plastic wood flooring in the thickness, flatness, finish has certain advantages, by looking at these aspects can also determine the quality of the material, the factory after the product if there is curvature that is not acceptable. This is also an important criterion for the user to judge WPC floor quality.
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