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HomeknowledgeHow to maintain a beautiful white PVC fence
HomeknowledgeHow to maintain a beautiful white PVC fence

How to maintain a beautiful white PVC fence

Beautiful white PVC fence, super-hardness steel pipe installation, the embedded pile column cut the difference link, no solder joints, anti-theft screws fixed overall explanation. Firmly will not break, not easy to damage, railings optional spacing, density, can not be drilled. In the rainy season to its special maintenance: before the arrival of the rainy season, green belt guardrail carried out maintenance work, can effectively avoid the PVC lawn railings due to rain erosion and rust problems, improve the neighborhood environmental outlook, enhance The green landscaping landscape.
1. Outdoor dust, over time, iron facilities will fall on a layer of dust. It will affect the beautiful white PVC fence color, which led to damage to the protective film. It should be wiped regularly outdoor fence facilities, the general soft pieces of cotton fabric wipe as well. In this case,
2. To pay attention to moisture. If only the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured that the green barrier facilities rust. Such as every foggy weather, the application of dry cotton cloth to wipe the water fence PVC fence; if every rainy day, the rain should be stopped in time to dry the water. Due to raging in recent years, acid rain, rain immediately after the rain on the outdoor fence dry
3. Regular cleaning, keep the surface clean, scrub as much as possible to choose a soft gauze or cotton, etc., so as not to scratch the beautiful green barrier surface. No matter how serious the cleaning of contaminants, cleaning fluid can not add any cleaning agent, because cleaning agents will reduce the cleaning brush and the cleaning surface of the friction force, affecting the cleaning effect.
4. Use highway isolation PVC fence clean car for effective cleaning.
5. Timing on the beautiful white PVC fence to check the processing to damage the fence.
In our SEVEN TRUST company, the beautiful white PVC fence is in fact not spend too much time to maintain, and is easy to clean, greatly saving our time.

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28 01-2019