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HomeknowledgeHow To Prevent Garden Wood-Plastic Fence From Aging
HomeknowledgeHow To Prevent Garden Wood-Plastic Fence From Aging

How To Prevent Garden Wood-Plastic Fence From Aging

Some park or family installations of wood-plastic fence useless long, perhaps a year or two has been “senile”, but some wood-plastic fence even if used for nearly a decade is still intact. Why is the wood-plastic fence products will produce such a big difference between it? Many customers will blame the quality of wood-plastic fence on the issue. In fact, this is not necessarily a problem caused by the quality of the plastic barrier, as long as the understanding of the garden wood-plastic fence, and in daily life to maintain good, can also use a longer life.

In accordance with the provisions of wood-plastic fence clean is strictly prohibited to use water mop wipe. Whether it is a composite wood-plastic fence or solid wood fence, cleaning should not use water wet mop directly wipe, because too much water will penetrate into the fence layer, resulting in wood-plastic barrier joint expansion bulging curling mildew, or even rot. Therefore, we must use professional cleaning fluid cleaning wood-plastic fence, and try to keep the mop semi-dry state. Cleaning after the first vacuum, so you can avoid scratching the gravel garden wood-plastic fence.
Specifically, the garden wood-plastic fence special cleaning fluid on the wood-plastic fence with a clean and protect the dual effect. If the use of ordinary water or detergent wipes easily lead to the moisture-proof wood-plastic fence, wood taste expansion, the arch from the deformation.

Residues in the wood-plastic fence cleaning agent containing acid and alkali components will corrode solid wood fibre, resulting in reduced strength, will reduce the life of the wood-plastic fence. Therefore, wood-plastic fence, solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture are prohibited to use water or detergent wipe.

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10 04-2020