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HomeknowledgeThe advantages of plastic-wood industry
HomeknowledgeThe advantages of plastic-wood industry

The advantages of plastic-wood industry

The advantages of plastic-wood industry

The advantages of plastic-wood industry

1, make full use of agricultural and forestry waste, including crop stalks, etc., will help to protect the forest, and effectively reduce the incineration of crop stalks caused by environmental pollution problems, and increase farmers’ income, to build a conservation-oriented society has a greater contribution;
2, the contribution to environmental protection: Plastic-wood composite materials to organic plant fiber all the ingredients together, no pollution, the waste can not make full use of waste plastics, a good solution to the use of plastic brought about by a series of social And ecological problems. Plastic-wood composite materials and can 100% recycling, does not produce secondary pollution;
3, a wide range of products, in theory, now with plastic, wood, steel, cement and other products manufactured most of the alternative;
4, long service life, non-absorbent products, anti-acid-base, anti-UV, do not rot, saving maintenance costs;
5, the real wood substitutes, to create a “second forest.” The shortage of natural wood resources has become a worldwide problem, the international timber supply has become increasingly tense, the development of plastic-wood industry can effectively alleviate this trend;
6, does not require any rubber material, is truly environmentally friendly non-formaldehyde green products;
7, alternative steel, aluminum, cement, plastic, reducing the consumption of mineral deposits. The results show that the energy consumption ratio is 1: 4: 60: 45: 130 in the production of 1t plastic wood base material and the production of 1t cement, steel, plastic and aluminum. This means that the product compared with other materials to save several times, a few times the energy of hundreds of times, with the corresponding release should be reduced several times, several times, a hundred times the CO2.

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24 01-2019