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HomeknowledgeWood plastic fence installation considerations
HomeknowledgeWood plastic fence installation considerations

Wood plastic fence installation considerations

In addition to the need to consider the shape of wood-plastic fence should not be suitable for climbing, wood-plastic rail height should not be less than the relevant standards, the selection of wood-plastic fence, you also need to consider the following points.
We should pay attention to the following three types of wood-plastic fence design: Wooden plastic fence to be able to prevent the low bar fence, so the shape of wood-plastic fence sometimes made of wavy, sometimes straight up, as long as modeling good-looking, Strong, the distance between the pieces of some of the larger, so that both the cost of construction and easy maintenance;
Wood-plastic fence to be anti-drill where the clearance should not exceed 14 cm. Do not drill the place, the composition of the beautiful is the key, but this is not suitable for dangerous, temporary place, especially to pay attention to the safety of children. In addition, the bar in the bar to consider the use of handrails, lean on a railing overlooking, but also a pleasure. Gaolan to prevent climbing, so do not have too many horizontal bar below.
Wood-plastic fence with the components: In addition to the needs of composition, railings, the selection of its own structure, is also very elegant. One is to take full advantage of the cross-section height of the bar to improve strength and conducive to the construction; Second, the shape of the rod to be reasonable, for example, between the two straight distance, the most stable bar, more than a few twists and turns, The size of the bar in order to obtain the same strength; Third, the direction of force railings to be directly clear.

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31 01-2019