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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeWood plastic floor installation method
HomeknowledgeWood plastic floor installation method

Wood plastic floor installation method

Wood plastic floor installation method

Wood plastic floor installation method:

1, Wood plastic floor installation before the preparation, to ensure that the construction site before the concrete base of the ground level formation. This is very important, I hope you do not in order to figure easy, barely construction, or cause everyone will outweigh the benefits.
2, the keel of the center distance between 310-410mm, the butt joints at the end of the keel need to stay about 10mm spacing, easy drainage, and to do the end of the row between the keel row and staggered staggered, not in a Straight line. Keel spacing to allow error <10mm, flatness <3mm, and the expansion joints between the walls of 8-10mm.
3, Wood plastic floor installation Construction site grass-roots ground construction conditions are poor, can not be the subject of structural stability, the need to use steel keel instead of wood-plastic keel, the use of galvanized steel just to use, welding parts to remove the welding residue Block rust treatment.
4, the size of the floor splicing gap, according to the installation of wood-plastic floor temperature and humidity of the environment, floor length, floor moisture content, and the laying of the specific circumstances reasonable to determine

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