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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeWPC Product Testing Methods
HomeknowledgeWPC Product Testing Methods

WPC Product Testing Methods

wpc product testing methods
WPC floor acceptance,acceptance of housing decoration is an important part, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of WPC floor decoration, good acceptance.

First, whether the surface of the floor bore eyes, cracks and scratches

Common is due to the keel untreated, there are borers. And so found to have moth-eaten eyes, the floor has been almost baked; cracks and scratches at a glance to know. Normative requirements: the floor gap should not be greater than 0.5 mm; scratches mainly caused by rough decoration, such as waxing method can not be repaired, it must be replaced.

Second, the floor color is consistent

If the color is too consistent, there is almost no color, it depends on the pattern of the floor surface is the same as if the color is too large, a direct impact on the appearance, you can request replacement; If the pattern is also almost the same, then there may be craft wood flooring, rather than the so-called valuable wood species of the floor. Now some flooring material suppliers, the use of general wood material floor, but in the surface paste a layer of valuable wood veneer to shoddy, the reverse with aluminum foil paste, that is used to moisture, in fact, is afraid to be seen The back of the pattern and the front of the inconsistency.

Third, the floor is sound

Acceptance of walking back and forth on the floor, the footsteps to be increased, especially on the wall parts and openings to pay more attention to acceptance and found the sound of the site, to repeat the move to determine the specific location of the sound, well marked. In such cases, you can ask to remove the resurfacing. The sound of the site, the construction workers in the construction process, the operation is not standardized and caused by the use of substandard materials. Non-standard operation is mainly reflected in the keel fixed is not solid; material failure is mainly reflected in the keel without drying. Some of the renovation of the construction unit without the drying keel construction, on the surface there are traces of drying, in fact, did not dry.

Fourth, the decorative wood products moisture content should be controlled at about 12%

High water content of the keel, the natural drying process in the wood volume will be reduced, resulting in loosening. Once again, whether the acceptance of deformation of the floor, warping, acceptance method is to use 2 meters long ruler, leaning against the floor, the flatness should not be greater than 3 mm. More pumping a few measurements, if the pass rate of 80% or more as qualified, on the contrary, is unqualified. Sometimes we will find the floor partial arch: If it is solid wood flooring, it is too tight shop or WPC floor is too dry (moisture content is too low), if the composite WPC floor, that is the poor quality of the floor. Therefore, WPC floor from the arch is a serious quality problems.

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