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Wpc Product Introduction

HomenewsApplication Of WPC Material In Life
HomenewsApplication Of WPC Material In Life

Application Of WPC Material In Life

With the continuous development and progress of society, protect the environment, promote the rapid development of landscape, and adhere to the road of energy conservation and sustainable development has become a major and urgent task. Green wpc gradually in the landscape have been applied. “Wpc” as a new energy-saving, environmental protection, recycling, low-carbon materials, with its unique wood texture, waterproof moisture, pest control, not easy to deformation, long life, rich colors, and gradually become the modern outdoor family landscape Preferred material. Widely used in wpc materials, can be used for decorative wall panels, outdoor flooring, guardrail, pavilion, fence, flower racks.

Wpc materials in the outdoor some applications

1. For a bank protection fence
Wpc materials for its moisture-proof, anti-mildew, pest control, easy to deformation and easy maintenance, etc., can be used for wet and multi-water environment landscape revetment. Wpc materials do not require routine maintenance, long life than ordinary wood, and has a visual appearance of the logs, to meet people’s pursuit of nature.
2. For the garden landscape floor
Wood flooring in the landscape and villas and other outdoor platforms, not only to show the affinity of natural wood, and rich colors can be coordinated with the garden landscape plants to meet the landscape designer for innovation and the pursuit of beauty.
3. For hydrophilic platform
Wpc materials in parks, lakes, wetlands and other water resources to rely on attractions, and landscape pontoon, water trails, viewing corridors and other design, more ecological to show the natural properties of hydrophilic platform.
4. For the flower rack, tree pool
Wooden flower frame, tree pool in the construction of modern landscape, to better show the effect of the original ecological natural landscape,wpc with its rich colors can be decorated garden landscape, so that people can be pleasing to the eye.

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12 11-2018