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Wpc Product Introduction

HomenewsProblems And Future Development of Wood Plastic Industry
HomenewsProblems And Future Development of Wood Plastic Industry

Problems And Future Development of Wood Plastic Industry

With the country’s strict requirements of the wpc industry, wpc products should take the integrated route, the formation of an independent product system, these products meet national standards, the wpc products, More conducive to wpc materials market development and application of the expansion.
In the recovery of plastic processing on the lack of professional bodies, the lack of separation, detection means. In the old plastic market, the domestic waste, industrial waste, modified materials, the second cycle and even multi-cycle materials, as well as multi-component material mixed together, can not be broken down, the basic properties of plastic and melt index is unknown, The difficulties caused by wood processing difficulties, wood compatibility and mechanical strength also has a great impact.
Wpc products not only in the performance of quality competition, more price competition. People value the price even more than the quality, but also a major feature of wpc market. Domestic plastic-wood enterprises, the use of plastic materials, sources of instability, resulting in product performance instability, greatly reducing the wpc products in the hearts of people’s status
Wpc material formulation standards are not perfect, most small-scale production of wpc products are not tested on the market, seriously hindering the long-term development of plastic-wood industry. The promotion of wpc products is a matter of economic development and environmental protection. It is a guarantee of our lives.
Wpc products  have a simple wood and plastic can not be compared to the many advantages, has been widespread concern at home and abroad. The material is green and environmentally friendly materials, can be recycled low-cost waste wood and plastic, using this technology to produce wpc products can replace the use of wood, effectively alleviate the dilemma caused by forest resources. Wpc materials production technology is in line with the needs of the national economic situation, but also in line with national industrial policy, and the use of a wide range of products. Therefore, we can believe that the wpc material is a very promising material, is also a viable market prospects for the development of innovative technology, has broad market prospects, good economic and social benefits.

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30 12-2018