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Wpc Product Introduction

HomenewsSolid Wood Plastic Composite Decking
HomenewsSolid Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Solid Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Shanghai seven trust Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wood-plastic, and the installation of anti-corrosion plastic wood flooring, its full range, low price, product material stability, texture clear, high glossy, Corrosion resistance, safety and environmental protection, popular by the vast number of consumers, welcome all friend from different countries purchase our solid wood plastic composite decking .
Wood plastic composite materials at home and abroad will also be called: plastic wood, green wood, recycled wood ect , the standard English name: Wood Plastic Composites, the industry known as WPC. The main raw materials are wood chips, bamboo chips, wheat straw, rice bran, peanut shells, cotton straw and other raw materials, the use of polymer interface chemistry and plastic filling modified characteristics, compounding a certain proportion of plastic base material, After a special processing of processing a reversible recycling shape, structure and diverse basic materials. It not only maintains the appearance and feeling of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof, acid and alkali, anti-fungal, antistatic, anti-moth-eaten and other properties, and wood plastic composite decking with high fire performance, low maintenance .
Solid wood plastic composite decking materials that can play the advantages of the various components of the material to overcome the low strength of wood and low elastic modulus caused by the use of limitations, what’s more it can make full use of discarded wood and plastic, eco friendly . At present, increasing the value-added materials, attract more and more people widespread concern.

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21 06-2020