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Customer reviews



Very beautiful, very good to install ,the ladies can complete the installation, with a dozen days to evaluate the storm water bubbles are also okay, good quality, but also made a sample, thank you in this.

Connie C. Sirois

From UK

Very satisfied! In the morning, only two hours, all get. So good material, there is a need will come back.


From UK

Garden is so beautiful, the floor is very good quality ,high temperature and low temperature ,washing is also very easy to like


From africa

Floor technology really good, all paved the calculation of precision, a little bit of no waste, the wet floor after the rain look better, this is what I need the color. But the quality is very good


From jodan

The family's terrace tiled floor have been leaking, had to do it again,so i buy woood plastic composite floor for terrace , it waterproof and durable, quite good, beautiful.

Ch. Muzamil Nadeem

From North America

Easy to install. laying in the garden, the underground floor to do the wood keel, then laying, then relatively smooth.

Subodh gupta

From Australia

Used for several days, I feel good. The floor is sturdy, splicing is not too difficult, but to put it into flower shape, to point effort. There is a gap between the wood, the need for regular cleaning.


From Philipsburg

Quality is very good, there is no color, texture is also very good, very wearable, and no formaldehyde flavor, the boss packaging is also very good, both inside and outside are not damaged, in short very happy very satisfied!


From BG Bulgaria

Laying before the laying is simply too much difference, and instantly on a few grades, easy to install ,a good care, the effect is too fond of

raisul islam

From UK

Very good, and cutting is very convenient, put on the patio, feeling good to see.


From South Africa

Originally worried that they will not installation, did not expect such a convenient way is very simple! Good quality, the effect is very good!


From Norway

WPC floor is very suitable for the shop floor, simple operation, the floor is not afraid of the sun and rain with a rest assured that the balcony looks flat and clean!

Xiao Zhang

From Malaysia

The plastic floor is very good, shop in the balcony on the home is very beautiful, not afraid of tide, very good

Kendrick Henry

From Ambrizete

Put on the balcony, covered with a new look, non-slip effect is very good


From Ambrizete

The quality is particularly good, thick, weight, fair price, the effect of the covered after the terrace is much better than before!


From Benguela

Color and texture are very natural, there is no taste plate, the installation is also very simple, after the balcony covered with wood flooring become warm up instantly


From Bahia Blanca

No smell, good installation, look at the work and the material is a high-end products


From CL Chile

Bought decoration, really good, ah, good wood, work Ye Hao, loaded look good, like


From Caleta Patillos

Good quality, very thick, very good decoration, beautiful, very environmentally friendly, no taste, praise!


From Bourgas

The appearance of color suitable to see the comfortable, smell a natural woody taste, good quality, as well as waterproof advantages


From Bangkok

Their own design of the floor and lawn with, and admire their budget to do more than a lot, gone through two rain did not leave stains, friends, neighbors constantly praise sound,


From San Pedro

Veneer received, good quality, teak smell on the smell of a fragrance, the packaging is very strict, with no damage


From Malaysia

Feel that this kind of relief to Tingmei, at least installed at home will make people feel a lot of high-grade, significantly improved a level


From San Lorenzo